1. The Belrose Bomb

Sydney, 1999. Shopping channel host Roberto de Heredia is being investigated by the authorities: they believe he sent a bomb – in a shoebox  – to model and “Penthouse Pet” Simone Cheung. The parcel detonated in the hands of Simone’s boyfriend, Brett, and Roberto is about to stand trial for attempted murder. That’s when he vanishes.

2. Living Colors

Kansas, 2001. Internet star Kaycee Nicole passes away from leukaemia.  Her followers are devastated: they’ve been following Kaycee’s struggles with the disease in her online journal, “Living Colors”. The death of this cheerful college student is an unparalleled tragedy. But then, online sleuths begin to pull at the loose ends of her story – and that story begins to unravel.

3. Politician, Spy, Deadman

Melbourne, 1974. A British MP is arrested and, all over the world, the press goes wild. Months beforehand, John Stonehouse had gone swimming off a beach in Miami and never returned. He was presumed dead. Why did this seemingly successful politician commit pseudocide?

4. “I’m Still Alive”

Kiev, 2018. Journalists gather at a press conference. They are expecting to be briefed on the assassination of war correspondent Arkady Babchenko – widely suspected to be the handiwork of Russian operatives. Instead, Arkady appears, alive and well, before the shocked audience. “I’m still alive – for the moment,” he says.

5. The Second Life of Grace Oakeshott

Brittany, 1907. The clothes of radical socialist  Grace Oakeshott are found neatly bundled on a beach.  Her body is never discovered, but everything points to a drowning at sea.  Nearly a century later, the clues Grace left behind are pieced together, and the truth about what happened to her is finally revealed.

6. Gone Guy

Houston, 2015. Ramon Sosa is driving to the supermarket when he finds out that his wife is trying to kill him. They’re going through a divorce and Lulu has decided she wants him gone. That’s when Ramon and his friend Mundo hatch a plan to catch her in the act.

7. Bad Habits

York, 1318. A nun is fed up with her life of poverty, chastity and obedience. So, Joan of Leeds does the obvious thing: she fakes a mortal illness and crafts an effigy “in the likeness of her body”, which is then buried by her Benedictine sisters. What life awaits Joan beyond the nunnery walls?

8. Gotcha!

Denver, 2007. DJ and musician Clayton Counts is the ultimate prankster. He’s even baited conspiracy theorist Alex Jones with his antics. But when Clayton decides he wants to fake his own death (in a bid to get revenge on an ex-girlfriend), his friends think he’s finally gone too far.

9. The curious case of the minute’s silence

Dublin, 2018. Fernando is playing video games at home when his boss calls with some news: supposedly, he’s died in a motorbike accident.  His football league has spent the weekend mourning his death. But Fernando is very much alive, and soon his face is on the front of newspapers everywhere. Someone at Fernando’s football club has lied about him – and that lie has taken on a life of its own.