1. A Star Is Born

Olivia Newton John’s boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, vanishes – and there are rumours that he’s faked his own death. Could his relationship to Olivia hold answers about his mysterious disappearance?

2. You Only Live Thrice

Born in Korea and adopted to the US, Patrick set his sights on Hollywood. But some people say that just before he went missing, things started to unravel for him: debts, a custody battle and a break-up. Could all this be a motive to jump ship?

3. Witness

Patrick was last seen taking a fishing trip off the coast of Los Angeles. We track down a witness who shared that final voyage.

4. Dead Man Talking

There are reported sightings of Patrick in Mexico, so journalists and PIs start to investigate. We meet the people who’ve got closest to finding him. One of them says he even got a fax from Patrick’s lawyer: the guy just wants to be left alone.

5. Doppelgänger

There’s a photo on the front page of the National Enquirer – and they’re saying it’s Patrick, sitting in a trailer park. We follow every lead for answers.

6. Disclosure

What’s it like when a loved one disappears without a trace? We explore ambiguous loss, examine more recent sightings of Patrick in Mexico and share our findings with one of his good friends.