Alice Fiennes & Poppy Damon

Co-creators, hosts, producers

Alice Fiennes and Poppy Damon are the founders of Furrowed Brow, a London-based podcast production company. Together, they produce compelling journalism and powerful, crafted narratives. Between them, they’ve interviewed a murderer in an El Salvadorian prison, investigated scam spiritual guides in Paris and uncovered a conspiracy theory on TikTok. They’re interested in all things macabre, spooky and downright bizarre. 

Poppy and Alice previously made “Murderabilia“, a six-part investigation into the underground trade in true crime objects, including items once owned by serial killers. This series was produced for Audible, and was selected by both the NME and the BBC as one of the top ten new podcast series of 2019.

In 2020 they were shortlisted for the Whicker Radio and Audio Funding Award (RAFA), for a story about online super sleuths.

Episode Contributors

All episodes are hosted by:

Alice Fiennes and Poppy Damon


1. A Star Is Born

Tim Ewbank, author of Olivia: The Biography of Olivia Newton-John

Mary and Sondra Agee-McCully, fans of Olivia Newton-John 

Dana Kennedy, journalist 

Jace Smith, a friend of Patrick 

Philip Klein, private investigator


2. You Only Live Thrice

Arissa Oh, Associate Professor,  Boston College

Jace Smith, friend of Patrick 

Charles Mitri, friend of Patrick


3. Witness

Steve Lyons, hurricane and ocean wave expert

Ricardo Canelas, expert in fluid mechanics 

Casey Clarke, witness  



4. Dead Man Talking

Burt Kearns, journalist and creator of Tabloid Baby 

James Dobies, owner of the Pescadero Surf Camp  

Dana Kennedy, journalist

Mike Valdovinos, working with PI John Nazarian 

Philip Klein, private investigator 

Anja Reinke, attorney



5. Doppelgänger

Wes Stobbe, a part-time resident of Sayulita  

Lloyd Grove, journalist 

Burt Kearns, creator of Tabloid Baby



Oswaldo Roja, resident of Suyulita 

Patricia Sulbaran, journalist  

Jackie Hoyland

Sarah Godwin 

Jace Smith, friend of Patrick McDermott


Cathy Richardson, voice of Olivia Newton John 

Reddit voices: Saul Boyer, Asya Fouks, Frederik Trovatten

Australian newspaper: Justin Mighell

Yvette Nipar: Elizabeth Saydah

Dennis Nebrich: Jack Murphy

Fax: Santiago Marino

Text message: Soby John

Additional credits

Mike Migas from Casefile Presents

Music and audio

Paulina Szymanska

Graphic and website design

Anonymous Casefile Host


Lucy Sherriff

Additional production support